Ride the Morning Glory Wave Cloud with Professor Thomas Peacock
The Secrets of a Strange Cloud

The Scientists

Secrets of a Strange Cloud - The Morning Glory of Northern Australia



Professor Thomas Peacock (left) is a London born and educated physicist, now at MIT in Boston. He noticed the Morning Glory cloud whilst studying satellite imagery of the 2009 Australian East Coast dust storms. His fascination developed over the ensuing years and he headed to the Gulf to study it and further his understanding of the physics of this strange atmospheric wave.


Dr. Jorg Hacker (right) has a doctorate in Atmospheric Science from the University of Bonn and is a co-recipient of the prestigious Max Planck Prize. He is now the Chief Scientist of Airborne Research Australia at the Flinders University in Adelaide. The Airborne Research aircraft is packed with highly specialised and sensitive data recording instruments that can map the atmosphere with extraordinary detail. Jorg also headed to the Gulf with Tom to study the Glory. Their collaboration is an exciting new phase in the understanding of the Morning Glory.



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