Ride the Morning Glory Wave Cloud with Professor Thomas Peacock
The Secrets of a Strange Cloud

Film Overview

Secrets of a Strange Cloud - A video about the Morning Glory Cloud of Northern Australia

The remote Gulf of Carpentaria, Queensland, Australia is home to one of the world's most extraordinary and spectacular meteorological phenomena, the Morning Glory Wave Cloud. Up to two kilometres high and a thousand kilometres long, the Glory is a shockwave in the atmosphere of immense proportions.


Join Professor Thomas Peacock from MIT in Boston and Dr. Jorg Hacker from Airborne Reseach Australia as they journey to Burketown in the remote north of Australia to study this elusive phenomenon and meet the glider pilots who ride the largest wave in the world.


The Secrets of a Strange Cloud film was broadcast on SBS Television Australia in 2015. We are currently negotiating international broadcast rights and the program is available in either a 55 or 26 minute version. Also available is shorter video versions and stock library film footage suitable for news, science and general interest programs.Please click the link above to view the stock video footage we have available.



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